Streams Staff


  • Melissa Langlois: Administrator

    Melissa is our administrator. If you need to know anything, book anything or get anything done, she’s the most responsible of us all. She is married (up) to Ryan. Together they have a son, Jonah, and a dog, Rocket. She has a passion for fashion, country music and design.  She has been a part of the Streams family since 2013, though her and Ryan were baptised as new Christians at Streams 15 years ago. Melissa grew up in the thriving metropolis of Cold Lake. She has made it her life’s mission to figure out just who killed JFK. Ask her about her tinfoil hat collection.

  • Stephen Taylor: Associate Pastor

    Stephen is our associate pastor in charge of youth and children's ministries. He came to Streams in the fall of 2014 after we told him Alberta winters were nicer than B.C. winters. Though he grew up in Salmon Arm, he spent his childhood in his native England. It is his mission in life to see the Holy Spirit bring God's kingdom into people's lives. He loves teaching and preaching. Stephen is conscious of making room for the Holy Spirit to move, bringing a spirituality to the fun and learning environment of our youth group. He is into fitness, getting his creativity out, spending time with his friends and watching movies. Steve is a mad drummer who works out and eats right, therefore he is the only one around here who can keep up with the teenagers of Streams.

  • Joel: lead Pastor

    Joel is our lead pastor. He grew up in Red Deer, where he met his wife and where his two daughters were born. He started attending Streams when he was ten years old and came on staff in 2008. Joel's into science fiction and other nerd stuff. Also, anything creative and artistic. His taste in music is... unconventional. 

    Joel believes that God the Father is exactly like Jesus on the cross. He wants to spread the good news that this Jesus-like God doesn't control, doesn't coerce, isn't violent and wrathful but rather dies for his enemies, forgives them, and is not willing that any single person perishes.

  • Pat Burns - Accountant

    Pat is our money guy! He is the former Mayor of Hanna, Alberta (Home of Nickelback), where he owned a shoe store, and an accounting business for many years. Him and his wife Verna live and work in Red Deer. They have been attending Streams Church for 4 years. Pat enjoys breakfast meetings, adventures and spending time with his family. Pat loves to bring donuts and muffins and beef jerky to the office, and that is why he is the most beloved member of our staff.  When you meet Pat, he will most likely know some one you do, and they will most likely have a connection to Hanna, Alberta.