Streams Staff


  • Taylor Woodburn: lead Pastor

    Taylor grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario and his wife, Breanna, in Calgary, Alberta. They were married on August 6th, 2016. 

    Taylor received his Bachelor in Theology degree from Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, British Columbia and he is about to complete his Master's of Divinity from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

    Before coming to Streams Church, Taylor pastored at BP Church in Calgary, Alberta. He has also spoken at conferences and travelled through some of east coast of the United States speaking at various churches. Taylor and Breanna have a heart to see the power of God to change lives and to see those who do not know Jesus, come to have a life giving relationship with Christ. 

    Together they enjoy pho, hiking, sports, basketball, and spending time with Thor, their French Bulldog.

  • Stephen Taylor: Youth Pastor

    Stephen is our youth pastor in charge of youth and children's ministries. He came to Streams in the fall of 2014 after we told him Alberta winters were nicer than B.C. winters. Though he grew up in Salmon Arm, he spent his childhood in his native England. It is his mission in life to see the Holy Spirit bring God's kingdom into people's lives. He loves teaching and preaching. Stephen is conscious of making room for the Holy Spirit to move, bringing a spirituality to the fun and learning environment of our youth group. He is into fitness, getting his creativity out, spending time with his friends and watching movies. Steve is a mad drummer who works out and eats right, therefore he is the only one around here who can keep up with the teenagers of Streams.

  • Pat Burns - Accountant

    Pat is our money guy! He is the former Mayor of Hanna, Alberta (Home of Nickelback), where he owned a shoe store, and an accounting business for many years. Him and his wife Verna live and work in Red Deer. They have been attending Streams Church for 4 years. Pat enjoys breakfast meetings, adventures and spending time with his family. Pat loves to bring donuts and muffins and beef jerky to the office, and that is why he is the most beloved member of our staff.  When you meet Pat, he will most likely know some one you do, and they will most likely have a connection to Hanna, Alberta.